Microsoft Excel Essentials for Fundraising

Who is this course for?

Fundraisers, Database and Insight professionals.

Date: SOLD OUT -- Tuesday 23rd April & Thursday 25th April (two half days, 9.30am - 1pm) Online

Dates: SOLD OUT -- Tuesday 23rd April & Thursday 25th April (two half days, 9.30am - 1pm) Online

Cost: £170+VAT

Cost: £170+VAT

Course description


Join Victoria on this one-day course and learn essential Excel techniques for managing and analysing your fundraising data. You will leave with skills that will save you time and boost your confidence in Excel and leave you with the right foundations to create fantastic spreadsheets!

This course is designed specifically for Fundraisers who are required to use Excel to manage campaign, event, donor and payment data, with demonstrations and group exercises that include:

  • How to identify specific data values using filtering techniques
  • Cleaning donor data using text functions.
  • Managing event data.
  • Matching data lists using the XLOOKUP function.
  • Summarising gift payments using PivotTables

Victoria has over 15 years’ experience of working within the charity sector and all data examples used in the course are based around a fundraising / charity marketing context.

The course will be delivered via Microsoft Teams, and attendees will need access to Excel (Windows) and it would be advantageous to have two screens so that you can follow along with the demonstrations.  Sample data and all course material will be provided by the course trainer.



This is a practical course for Fundraisers and anyone using fundraising data, with basic Excel knowledge who are eager to give their spreadsheet skills a boost. It is assumed that attendees can confidently input values, format cells, and construct basic formulas. If you find Excel tasks a bit tricky or time-consuming, then this course is for you!



Excel Techniques

In this session Victoria will cover some techniques that can not only save time, but also ensure accuracy within your spreadsheets. These techniques include:

Shortcuts for navigating around your data

Sorting and filtering

The difference between absolute and relative cell references and how to use them in your formulas.


Excel Functions

In this session Victoria will introduce how to use functions within your spreadsheet formulas, focusing on those that are most useful to clean and prepare your data for further use.

Text Functions to clean and prepare your data, such as TEXTJOIN, TEXTSPLIT, UPPER, PROPER and TRIM

Working with Date variables and using functions such as DATE, YEAR and MONTH

Using the IF function to recode your data and identify records of interest.

Using Mathematical functions to summarise your data, such as SUM and COUNTA

Using LOOKUP functions to match data lists


An Introduction to PivotTables

Excel PivotTables are a valuable tool for data analysis and custom reports and can enable quick analysis of large datasets without the need for knowledge of advanced Excel functions. In this session, you will learn how to create a basic PivotTable to quickly aggregate gift payments and calculate total, percentage and average gift values.


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Vicki Barham

Victoria Barham

Founder @ VB Analytics

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