Pinpointing Pledgers: Making the Most of Your Legacy Data

Who is this course for?

Legacy fundraisers and Insight people

Date: SOLD OUT -- Thursday 21st March

Dates: SOLD OUT -- Thursday 21st March

Cost: £170+VAT

Cost: £170+VAT

Course description

How are smart legacy fundraising teams making their data work harder to produce critical insight and add significant gains to the business?  Successful legacy marketing is about getting a large variety of elements right and there are many things that you can do with your data, from adopting optimum targeting strategies to gaining key insight about your supporters and prospects. Utilising your data in a variety of ways can dramatically impact your top line legacy income.
In this one-day course Claire and Stuart will cover the essential, and some of the more innovative, data strategies which they hope will revolutionise your legacy marketing programme.
This a comprehensive course covering a range of topics, including: primary drivers of legacy response, propensity models, essential legacy reporting, income forecasting, fundraising statistics, conducting fair tests, supporter profiling and measuring supporter engagement.

Course by...

Stuart McCoy

Stuart McCoy

Data Strategy Consultant @ DM Insight

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Claire Routley

Dr Claire Routley

Head of Gifts in Wills @ Legacy Voice

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